Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Failure, an option?

Thoughts on Michael Goodwin's Video

The lack of a freedom to fail is one of the greatest threats to our freedom and ability to continue as a going concern as a nation.  First, a lack of freedom to fail creates a society where all think they are good at everything.  Schools where students are passed along for reasons other than ability or understanding of material are creating a situation where all students believe they are above the crowd.  When in reality the level of schooling has been dumbed down to meet the needs of everyone.  When everyone thinks they are good at everything, they don’t necessarily find what they are good at.  As a result of a lack of challenge and a means to push students to disciplines that they are more apt to produce at larger levels of productivity, students stay displaced from this equilibrium, and the more apt for certain kinds of employment never find the employment for which their natural talents would be best suited.  Second, when you dumb down the level of education in our school systems, how do you really know who the above average students are?  Without a challenging education system where those of higher intellect are given the opportunity to rise above the crowd, these above average students are left to fall in with the crowd.

Foreign universities are not so giving, so where our students are finding jobs in sectors where their natural talents are not apt to produce at a level they could in another sector, foreign students are.  This in essence gives foreign countries a greater competitive advantage over our country, as their students are challenged to find a career that is closer aligned with their natural talents, increasing productivity in foreign countries.  A failure to move away from a prohibition of a freedom to fail may necessarily precede the decline of America as a great economic power to the rise of economic powers that teach citizens through failure to be more efficient in what they do.